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God I have missed Blaine in that blazer. Baaaaaaby.



It sounds really cliché but I’m sitting here drinking coffee listening to the smiths and smoking which I never do alone, and re reading perks of being a wallflower.

I think my baby fell asleep so now I’m really bored. Lol ANONS please? Exoh

Dear Australia. Lets stop playing this game and take a step forward that this world needs to see. Let us as humans, marry whoever we want. It’s so ridiculous that in 2012 we are still debating something that frankly, should have been a ‘right to do’ from the start. I have so much love for the LGBT community, and nothing upsets and disgusts me more then the fact that its still frowned upon. That being gay/trans/whatever is so hard for everyone to deal with. Let’s be the change we all want to see and do something right.

Why can’t everything just go away for awhile?

This is totally relevant. Omg.

Batman has forever been ruined for me by Holy Musical B@man

I had this amazing person walk into my life in April.

And I still manage to fuck everything up.
I’m sorry I was such a cunt baby.